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Mutations and Hybrids
As a purist cichlid breeder, breeding Malawi cichlids and keeping the species true and bloodlines pure and fresh has been the passion of mine here at Cichlid Warehouse since the late 1980’s. Not much has changed over the years but every now and then a mutation or hybridisation takes place and believe it or not nobody’s more excited than me, but it has to be really special and I have a few I would like to mention. So what is the difference between a hybrid and a mutation? Blank Separator Chromosome

Mutation Blank Separator Mutation : Mutation is simply defined as "random changes in genetic material". In molecular biology and genetics, mutations are accidental changes in a genomic sequence of DNA. This means that mutation is a natural change in a fish’s DNA and the resulting individuals are new sub species. An example of this is the albino mutation occurring within species. Mutation is part of natural select and is not a pollution of blood lines, but rather the dawn of a new species and blood line.

Hybrid : Hybrid is synonymous with heterozygous which is any offspring resulting from the mating of two distinctly homozygous individuals. This means hybrids are just crosses between two different fish species. Even though this process also happens naturally in nature the purist cichlid breeder in me tries his very best not to pollute my fish’s bloodlines with man-made interbreeding of species. Any accidental hybrid specimens are immediately isolated and raised separately from the pureblood parent species. Blank Separator Hybrid
Albino Pseudotropheus Socolofi Mutation
Pseudotropheus Socolofi Albino Blank Separator In spring 2011, while draining a breeding pond for Albino Pseudotropheus Socolofi, I noticed something strange with some of the Albino Pseudotropheus Socolofi fry. Some of the fry had undergone a DNA mutation that gave them one red eye and one black eye. There also seem to be an equal number of right black eye specimens and left black eye specimens. I immediately isolated them from all other species. They seem to be developing normally and have retained their eye color. I just love them and would like to breed an Albino Pseudotropheus Socolofi mutation with both black eyes. This would then make them a true snow white cichlid and not an albino in the sense.
Cobalt Blue Zebra Mutation
During winter 2012 I got a yellow batch of fry out of pureblood Cobalt Blue Zebras after draining a breeding pond for addition to my selling stock. Every batch of fry normally contains a few albinos but where would the yellow ones come from? None of the ponds next to this one had any form of yellow fish species in it and none of the parents where yellow. This is a mutation of the Cobalt Blue Zebra’s DNA. I have immediately isolated the mutant Blank Separator Metriaclima Callainos
fry and am raising them separate from any other fish species. The fry have exactly the same body shape of the Cobalt Blue Zebra parents, but with a yellow body and a blue hue visible in a well-lit tank or under sunlight.
Albino Protomelas Spilonotus Mutation
Protomelas Spilonotus Blank Separator During late spring 2012 while draining the Sulphurhead pond I made another surprising discovery. There were six little albino fry amongst the horde of normal fry. Every time I make a find like this I know again why I love breeding with these fish. As usual I have immediately isolated the albino fry and am raising them separate from any other fish species. I am so excited to see what they look like when they are mature. I really hope they retain the yellow colouring of their parents.
Aristochromis Christi and Nimbochromis Venustus Hybrid
In winter 2012 my Aristochromis Christi, now named MacGyver, jumped out of his pond and landed in the Nimbochromis Venustus pond. He had some fun with the exotic ladies during the long lonely winter months. The result, a fish that can only contribute to the hobby as it does truly have a lot of ornamental value. Normally I do not approve of cross breeds, but there are some truly spectacular hybrid species that deserve mentioning.
Blank Separator
Aristochromis Christyi Blank Separator Nimbochromis Venustus
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Cichlid Warehouse Mutations and Hybrids